Lexx Moda is a leading shoe brand that brings quality, style, value and comfort to customers. Owner and Founder, Sanjo Iong, founded the company in 2001; a small town back in England, and has since built many years of history.


The team are particular about our craft and consider every aspect of design in workshops, where creations come to life. Lexx Moda has learned that by carefully scrutinising products during manufacturing, end results are promising and close to shoe perfection. 


During the design process, colour, proportion and materials are carefully selected to ensure designs remain on trend and suitable for every type of woman. After many years of building excellent working relations with production teams, the brand is proud of their design process, which formulates many elements into production to ensure comfort is retained without compromising style.

C  U  S  T  O  M  E  R    C  A  R  E
O  T  H  E  R
S  O  C  I  A  L    M  E  D  I  A
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